Iren Resit

Iren Resit, 21, is originally from Constanța, Romania. She is a third year student both at the University of Leeds and at “Ovidius” University of Constanța, pursuing degrees in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies and respectively Economy of Commerce, Trade and Services. Since high school, Iren has been involved in many projects and competitions. Her resume shines with participations at numerous worldwide conferences, prizes at NASA Ames Reasearch Center and NASA Johnson Space Center. Iren’s most recent activities include interning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and volunteering at the “Ovidius” University Press Office. In her 21 years she has lived in Romania, the United Kingdom and Morocco and has travelled in more than 30 countries. We have met in June 2011 in Chisinau, Moldova, and have been in touch since then.

What drives you to be involved in so many various fields of studies?

This mix of subjects is broadening my view about the world. In order to understand the present world and create efficient solutions one needs to treat a problem by analyzing all the aspects: the culture, the politics, the psychology, the history, the religion and so on. Cross disciplinary allows me to discover the resurrection of different subjects. It marks the beginning of a new phase in our history. The cross-disciplinary approach is a hope rectifier. Moreover, I am a person that gets bored easily; I simply cannot imagine myself doing solely one thing in my life. Even staying in one country for more than 3 or 4 months makes me want to escape in a different corner of the world for a couple of days.

Where do you see the path of life taking you?

I have never stopped hoping, loving, wishing, believing and dreaming. If we truly want something, one way or another, sooner or later, we are going to obtain it. For me, the notion of a dream that is “too big” or “impossible” does not exist. As long as we really want something, we can achieve it. We are the only ones that can make it happen, if we really want it. No matter how “big” my dreams were, I have always achieved them. My long-term dream is to become an Ambassador. I have always wanted to help my country somehow and I consider this position to be the most suitable. I enjoy travelling, reading, learning, meeting new people. I consider myself “alive” and being an Ambassador will not only be beneficial for Romania, but it will help me stay alive as well.

As for this year I am graduating from “Ovidius” University so I am quite busy with assignments and my dissertation. I am also planning to do some travelling in some countries, solely for travelling, to participate at several other conferences and if all things are going well, I am planning on interning at the Romanian Embassy in London.

What were your impressions about Moldova when you visited for MDIMUN 2011?

I was sure that you are going to ask me about it. And I am glad that you did. Before going to Chisinau people were telling me that I should really take care of myself around there and I was always replying – “I lived one year in Morocco.” It is not really the best comparison I could have done, but anyway.

Moldova… when I landed, the border agent looked through my passport and asked me if it is the first time I am there. I said “yes.” I will never forget the smile of that woman while saying “Moldova welcomes you!” I will never forget how young people from Moldova, this marvelous country know their history in such detail, how they speak with so much appreciation about their literature, music, customs and traditions. It was simply amazing. All the people I have met, and I consider that I had the chance to meet quite a lot, each one of them were doing their best in order to show me their country, their culture, their life. People with a great heart, dear them, are so patient to explain in detail everything I have asked. It was striking to see so many foreigners on the streets of Chisinau, as well. We were having walks in the park and there were dozens of groups of people that were speaking in English.

The young generation in Moldova has a very positive energy, they are aware of the fact that they are the ones that can do something for their own country, they know the fact that if they are not involved Moldova cannot be known. While I was in Chisinau I had no single second in which I didn’t know what to do. In every second of my stay in Chisinau we were having walks, visiting museums, going to performances (it was in Chisinau when I went for the first time in my life to an ORGA concert), eating excellent food and of course, drinking wine and Hortitza. I was sleeping only 2 or 3 hours a night, and I didn’t waste a single second of my time while I was awake.

There are many people from Moldova with whom I speaking once in one or two weeks, or even more times a week. While I was in the plane, leaving Moldova I wrote a text to my mother saying: “I wish I didn’t come to Romania now.” This happened only twice in my life. I promised you an article about Moldova and my MDIMUN experience. I don’t want you to think that I have forgotten about it, and now you even have written evidence (laugh) about the fact that I do have something written about Moldova, and it will hopefully be published in summer, in my book.

How have you decided to write a book?

I feel that through writing I can express myself better. During the past years I have been travelling a lot and most of my friends and family members are not updated with what I do. It will not be a book to be sold in libraries; it will be a collection of memories, letters, articles, pages from my own diary. Every time I go somewhere or when I feel in a certain way, I start writing. Sometimes I publish them in “Ovidianum” and from February I am going to be one of the writers of a new magazine.  I want to gather them all under a book which I can give to my family and to my dearest friends. It is my way of saying “Thank you”.

Share with me some of your most precious moments you will never forget?

This is quite a tricky question. Firstly, I cannot say that one moment can be classified as more precious or special than another moment. There are no 2 seconds in our life that can be the same. A special moment can be when you are in the middle of a rainbow, listening the sea, watching the stars fall, cliff jumping, being 30 meters underwater and having hundreds of fish dancing around your body…

Do you regret anything?

No. Everything I have done is part of me and has made the person I am today. I do have minuses which I want to improve, but I do not regret anything I have done until now.

Any last thoughts?

Even though these words are going to be very simple, as simple words are the ones that can really reach us in their true meaning. I think that they are the best to describe how I feel and what I wish for the others to feel and to believe. As simple words are the ones that can really reach us in their true meaning. Never forget how to hope, wish, dream and love and never forget about the child inside you/inner child. No matter how old you are, where you are, what you do. And always believe in your dreams.